No need to buy a new phone holder or look for the one you lost at home, use a paper clip to make a phone holder quickly, and at a very low price.

Race wheels are very expensive, and you do not have to spend a fortune on them. Instead, take a plate and glue a phone shell. Put your phone in and you’re ready! You can now participate in races for hours.

You can make a creative iPad rest in just a few minutes with our tutorial. For this, you will need 4 pencils and 3 elastics. Follow our instructions on how to attach the pencils.

Feathers can decorate almost anything; discover how to decorate your phone shell with feathers. You will need a simple phone shell, feathers, glue and resin. Glue the feathers to the hull and cover everything with resin.

Turn your phone shell into an incredible thermal shell in five minutes! Cover your hull with a coat of white paint, then yellow varnish. Once it’s dry, cover it with varnish that changes color.

Another cool idea is to make a phone shell with a glue gun. Wrap your phone in cellophane paper, choose the print you want and easily make your shell! Watch our tutorial in the video!

Use wool or macrame to customize your earphone cords, you’ll also create a protective layer that will extend the life of your earphones. In addition, you can choose the color you want. Admire!

Sometimes we do not know what to do with old objects that we do not dare to throw. Here is a series of achievements you can do from an old keyboard. Reuse it unexpectedly – makes small clocks with CDs. Remove the buttons and make a romantic message in a photo frame. Another unexpected way to use it is to make a necklace or ring!

An old sock can be reused as an armband. Take off the toe and heel part, and slip the sock around your arm.