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Woman Removed Six Ribs to Get a Cartoon Waist

Woman Removed Six Ribs to Get a Cartoon Waist. Pixee Fox a Swedish girl has spent $120,000 on plastic surgeries to look like Tinkerbell and Jessica Rabbit. The model – who tries to look like Tinkerbell and Jessica Rabbit – has had a nose work, eyelid medical procedure, a forehead lift, lip fillers, cheek fillers, four bosom medical procedures, a Brazilian butt lift, perpetual cosmetics, and most as of late had six ribs evacuated to accomplish her outrageous look.

The Sweden-conceived Fox said getting ribs evacuated has dependably “been a fantasy” of hers, yet experienced difficulty finding a specialist who consented to do the strategy.

“The system would not be finished by most plastic specialists, especially in the United States where medical procedure on patients with Body Dysmorphic Disorder is debilitated,” Beverly Hills plastic specialist Dr. Marc Mani tells PEOPLE. “While it appears to have been done securely for this situation by a qualified specialist, I question this will end up being a pattern.”

Regardless of the dangers and long mending time, Fox is upbeat she experienced the dubious medical procedure. She previously had been wearing a bodice 24 hours per day, and is excited she is currently ready to wear a considerably littler one.

“I am so upbeat,” she said. “This makes me ready to girdle significantly more tightly.” says Fox .